How does word processing affect a student's writing ability?

Answer Word processing is the basic tool to help students present their assignments in a neat and orderly manner. Once students gather the information and type it into the computer, it is much easier to e... Read More »

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How does Down syndrome affect a child's walking ability?

Does diabetes affect one's ability to drive well?

In 1 answer ,yes, If you have a "hypo" you can collapse and go into a coma and possible die. Now it does work the other way to, if you are to "hyper" you can get "light headed" and dizzy, best carr... Read More »

How does gender affect learning ability among Pre-K boys and girls?

I agree with the posters above. In Pre-K programs, it is developmentally inappropriate to expect a 4 year old to know how to write his full name, phone number and address. As far as consonants an... Read More »

Does Cerebral Palsy affect one's ability to have a baby?

I don't think that it does.I mean I have seen people in wheelchairs and small statured people have children, so unless there are other medical problems I would think not.Although, I am not sure if ... Read More »