How does word processing affect a student's writing ability?

Answer Word processing is the basic tool to help students present their assignments in a neat and orderly manner. Once students gather the information and type it into the computer, it is much easier to e... Read More »

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How to Improve Your Writing Ability?

This will be you when your done.Are you feeling that your story or paragraph about something isn't right? Do you have the need to improve it but don't know how? Well take these steps and tips, and ... Read More »

Will Buying a New Car Affect My Ability to Get a Mortgage?

The primary factors that lenders consider when qualifying consumers for a mortgage loan are credit rating, annual income, monthly debt and amount of down payment. Buying a new car can affect your a... Read More »

Will a Chapter 7 affect my ability to get into a different rental?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy may affect your ability to rent a different apartment or house. Most leases say that bankruptcy terminates a lease and can cause eviction. Bankruptcy can be listed in certain... Read More »

Does diabetes affect one's ability to drive well?

In 1 answer ,yes, If you have a "hypo" you can collapse and go into a coma and possible die. Now it does work the other way to, if you are to "hyper" you can get "light headed" and dizzy, best carr... Read More »