How does wood make heat?

Answer When wood is combusted, it emits heat and byproducts like light, water vapor, carbon and various gases in the form of smoke.The Combustion ProcessWood makes heat when the combustion or burning proc... Read More »

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How do I adjust the heat output of the Kozy Heat wood-burning fireplace?

Use Your Remote Transmitter to Adjust TemperatureOnce you have set up the remote transmitter of your Kozy Heat fireplace, if you have it set on "Auto" (automatic), it will send a signal to the fire... Read More »

DIY Wood Heat?

DIY wood heat systems are available in various types. Wood burning stoves, which are the most common forms of wood heating, and wood burning fireplaces can bathe a space with relaxing, soothing war... Read More »

Coal Vs. Wood Heat?

In colder regions of the country, homeowners have an important decision to make with regard to heating in the winter months. With the prices of oil, natural gas and electricity on the rise, people ... Read More »

What Is Heat Treated Wood?

Whether you realize it or not, you probably have been affected by heat-treated wood today. Heat-treated wood is widely used in the manufacture of packing crates, which are used in the overseas tran... Read More »