How does wikipedia not get flooded indefinitely with spam and random crap?

Answer I'm going to type a lot. If you want an in depth explanation, you can read the lengthy piece I've wrote below. If you want a quick explanation, you can just read my summary:Wikipedia is constantly ... Read More »

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My andriod (xperia TL) wont stop downloading random crap.?

you can't. its an ad service called airpush. Go on google play and look for airpush removers. they tell you which app is doing it so you can remove it. Unfortunately, you can't remove the ads with ... Read More »

Who are the random people whose names appear in spam email messages?

But whats in a name a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!"

Seriously, wtf Wikipedia doesn't know crap!?

i always understood pop to mean 'popular' and green day is 'pop' to that extent. They are also punk. Their message is punk , their music is punk, they just happen to be popular.

Wikipedia full of crap?

No. Wikipedia is mostly a collection of resources from respectable sources outside of Wikipedia. The common claim that since anyone can edit it, it is full of crap is not based in reality. Yes, ... Read More »