How does wikipedia find false information made by others?

Answer Simple. They look at what's been added and if the article owner/s disagree with it he/she/they say that it's false, revert it, banninate your username/IP and run you off Wikipedia like a beaten cur.

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Is some of the information on Wikipedia false?

Yes, but not as much as people think. Here's a study that shows that the number of errors per article on Wikipedia is about the same as Encyclopedia Britannica. Read More »

If Wikipedia has false information...?

Your last resort is to look for one within the Internet, obviously through a search engine like Google.

Can you sue Wikipedia for false information?

If you "threaten" to sue Wikipedia on Wikipedia itself, the first thing that will happen is that you'll be banned from Wikipedia under their ever-so-handy "No Legal Threats policy." If you then sen... Read More »

Has anyone actually seen "False" information on Wikipedia?

Yes actually. I was browsing wiki one day and looked up the band Blessthefall right after Craig left. Somebody apparently edited it and put Sonny Moore as the new vocalist (he was formerly in Fro... Read More »