How does white-out work?

Answer White-out is an opaque liquid that allows a writer or typist to cover mistakes. Because ink--be it from a pen or typewriter--cannot be easily erased, white-out provides both a means to cover up mis... Read More »

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Does white magic work?

On One Hand: There is no Scientific BasisEmpiricism is the way in which scientists decide what does or does not exist in the world. According to Helium Magazine, empirical evidence must be observab... Read More »

Does Ionic White work?

On One Hand: The ClaimsAccording to, Ionic White is the safest and fastest way to whiten your teeth from home. The website also claims that Ionic White is clinically tested and prove... Read More »

Does egg white work as a deer repellent?

Egg whites or whole eggs make an effective deer repellent. Blend eggs thoroughly with water to dissolve the whites, then apply to plants with a spray bottle at least once per month. University of C... Read More »

Does the black wii remote work on the white wii?