Drunk or high Whats better, I've never been drunk but I've been high and it's great weed high?

Answer I can't say whether one is better than the other. Two different feelings. I've had some awesome times being drunk. And some awesome times being high. It depends on whether you wanna feel chill, sle... Read More »

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Whats the best way to get high besides weed?

working out. I run and I get a high, Tai-chi before the run gives me a high.

Can dill weed get you high?

Actully no it can not just because it has the word weed in it does not mean it can get you high i have amokedsmoked a whole bottle and the closest hing yo will get to hgh is a bad taste and a huge ... Read More »

Im soo dizzy because im high from weed?

Eat some food and drink lots of water and then take a nap. Getting food into you really helps calm those effects. Taking a nap will probably make you just sleep the high right off unless you smoked... Read More »

Ways to get high without weed?

yo ima tell you straight the f*ck up. nutmeg causes a HORRIBLE feeling, idiots call it a high.banana peels is a myth. you can get wrecked on cough medicine. it's called robo-tripping.don't mix it w... Read More »