How does water and sunlight help plants?

Answer It gives them nutrients so they can grow.

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Why do plants without water&sunlight get damaged?

Plants depend on water and the sunlight to grow and thrive. Without both of these elements, plants would get damaged and eventually die. The main reason plants need water and sunlight is because th... Read More »

How do plants grow without sunlight?

Growing plants without sunlight is possible using "grow lights" to replace sunlight.Regular incandescent lighting is the least efficient and least effective for plant growth. Fluorescent lights and... Read More »

Do all plants need sunlight to grow?

YES. because if a flower does not have the vitams it needs from the sun it will not grow properly and will die without its protein:)

How much sunlight do tomato plants need?

Grow tomato plants in a sunny area that receives no less than seven hours of direct sunlight a day. The tomato plant is like other fruits that get the energy needed to grow from the sun.Source:Corn... Read More »