How does vegetarianism work?

Answer It depends on the vegetarian. Some will only avoid the solid meat, but generally most will avoid any animal products. Most are lacto-ovo vegetarians meaning they eat eggs and dairy as well. Prob... Read More »

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How does vegetarianism help the environment?

Hifound this info on the earthsave website, a bit long but good information!In 1990, when I first read that 10 people could be fed with the grain that you would feed a cow that would be turned into... Read More »

Does vegetarianism make you lose weight?

Hi! I have been vegan for about a year, and vegetarian for two years so I should be able to help you out :)When I went vegetarian, I did not lose any weight. That is because I was an extremely unhe... Read More »

Why does Veganism/Vegetarianism make me feel guilty?

It sounds like you're feeling guilty because your sister is making you feel guilty. Don't listen to her. Do what you feel is right. After all, it's your body, not your sister's.

Does anyone else think Vegetarianism is stupid?

There are many many vegetarian Christians, the difference is, they know eating or not eating meat or eating and using other animal based products has nothing at all to do with salvation or forgiven... Read More »