How does urea cream work?

Answer Urea cream is a dermatological drug that is used to treat dry, scaly skin. It is a topical ointment that also relieves itching. Urea cream breaks down dead skin, which helps to loosen and shed har... Read More »

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What does urea cream do?

Urea cream is considered to be a true humectant because it is made from minerals that occur naturally in the cells of the body. The urea used in skin creams is derived from salts and helps to enco... Read More »

How does the synthesis of urea work?

Urea can be synthesized in either a laboratory or in a factory setting. The basic elements that form urea are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. Urea is produced commercially by combining anhy... Read More »

What Is Urea Cream?

Urea cream is the generic name for such skin medicine as Carmol 40 and Keralac. Urea cream works as a debriding agent to soften hard and scaly skin by breaking down dead skin cells.UsesUrea cream i... Read More »

What Is Urea Cream Used For?

Urea cream contains substances known as humectants. These substances collect the water that exists in the surrounding air and help the skin retain its moisture. For this reason, urea cream is used ... Read More »