How does toothpaste come out of the tube in coloured stripes?

Answer hmm thats a good question - when my toothpaste runs out ill cut the tube in half lol

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How does Colgate make my toothpaste come out in stripes?…Go to this link, there are videos here that show you the secret of striped toothpaste being made.

How long does it take for a tube of toothpaste to finish in your house?

A tube of toothpaste generally lasts about a month in my house, but that's because we all have our own separate tube. My dad has sensitive teeth, so he uses sensitive tooth toothpaste, my sister is... Read More »

How do they get the stripes in the toothpaste so perfect?

The tube is filled with the carrier material, the actual toothpaste, which is usually white, to a certain level. Above that level, the tube is filled with the 'stripe' stuff, which is usually red, ... Read More »

Where does toothpaste come from?

Since you are in the dental section, I assume you mean palatine raphe. That is the line or ridge at the roof of your mouth that runs from the back of your palate to behind your front teeth. The rid... Read More »