How does toner work which color should i use?

Answer Unfortunately your question wound up in the "Computers>Hardware>Printers" section of Yahoo Answers, because you mentioned "toner" which is used by laser printers & the auto select of Yahoo Answers ... Read More »

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How to get credit for HP23 toner cartridge shipped me which does not work?

What you need to do is contact Amazon customer service, they in turn will contact the seller. And if all goes well, you may be able to exchange it. I have done this procedure before and it worked o... Read More »

How many times of refilling, after which i should change my Samsung Printer Toner?

From the effect you have described I would definitely recommend changing the toner cartridge. In this model of printer the drum is actually part of the toner cartridge so it is likely that is has c... Read More »

Does the slendertone flex abdominal toner work?

On One Hand: Benefits of the ProductThe Slendertone Flex abdominal toner is backed-up by research and clinical testing that enabled the product to become FDA approved. Walkers can use Slendertone F... Read More »

Is hair color toner the same as semi-permanent color?

Yes, hair toner and semi-permanent color are the same. Hair toner is used to tone down certain colors to give the hair a more natural look. You can also use a permanent color for toning, however se... Read More »