How does toner work which color should i use?

Answer Unfortunately your question wound up in the "Computers>Hardware>Printers" section of Yahoo Answers, because you mentioned "toner" which is used by laser printers & the auto select of Yahoo Answers ... Read More »

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Is hair color toner the same as semi-permanent color?

Yes, hair toner and semi-permanent color are the same. Hair toner is used to tone down certain colors to give the hair a more natural look. You can also use a permanent color for toning, however se... Read More »

What Is Toner in Hair Color?

Toner is the final step in the hair coloring process to fine tune the color. This is especially true when lightening hair to pale or white-blonde shades. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Color Hair With Bleach & Toner?

Blonde to platinum blonde to white, bleached hair color strikes a dramatic look for anyone. Dark hair transforms to beautiful white hair through the process of bleaching and toning. Salons offer th... Read More »

Will Blond Toner Color My Grays?

Toner is typically used after an initial hair color process to change the tone of the hair. Long used after bleaching services, many hair stylists use toner for any color process where they want tw... Read More »