How does this modeling thing work?

Answer i am also a model in London Ontario, i go once a week to calls, and classes, and its about a 2 hour drive, i love driving, and its not a big deal to me.. this is a once in a life time oppertunity a... Read More »

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may be you are entering it in search bar.

What's this thing, "im going to live in Japan for 23 months" thing. ?

It has to do with your birthday:The living one: I'm going to live in (month you were born in [see below]) for (day you were born on) months.January - MexicoFebruary - LondonMarch - MiamiApril - Dom... Read More »

Does facebook profile watcher thing work?

AH geez i seriously hope it doesn't!!! my "crush" just joined the group and I'm screwed if it does work cause i look at his page about a million times a day.... :OOO

Why does BB flashback recorder do this weird thing to my computer?

Hi Zachary,I have been using BB Flashback for a long time and never had an experience like this...The message you are receiving is clear. There is two things you can do about it.1) Check the BB Fla... Read More »