How does this suspicious Ebay scam (I think) work?

Answer email the seller with that question.

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I'm sure this is an ebay scam, what do you think?

It's a scam. Report them to eBay but don't expect a decent answer back from them!!!!

I put a camcorder on ebay and i need to send it to nigeria. is this a scam?

100% scam.There is no buyer.There is only a scammer trying to steal your camcorder.The scammer isn't interested in your identity or bank account only in convincing you to ship your possession to hi... Read More »

Is this a Ebay scam I feel weird about this email. i am selling iphone 4s and asking for $420.?

100% scam.There is no buyer.Notice how the scammer doesn't call what you are selling by name? He uses the generic word "it", that is because he sends the same stock copy/paste email to anyone selli... Read More »

How does this Paypal scam work?

There are plenty of scams using Paypal's name1 - they send you an email saying money has been sent but due to new security measures it will not be credited until you send the tracking info. So you ... Read More »