How does this happen to an 18 year old female?

Answer You had a lot of pee..You must have drank a lot of water on that day.. It's kinda common actually, I get that too, but if your problem occurs nonstop, go see a doctor :)

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What will happen if a 16-year-old female got pregnant by a 20-year-old male?

Answer This is a frequently described situation. Again, there are a LOT of variables--The maturity level of both; the present relationship between the two; the girlsrelationship with her parents or... Read More »

What will happen to a female if she works with laptop on lap?

She'll get a bad neck and back from the posture. Plus the laptop will take in fluff and lint and the fans will get blocked.

At age 19 as a female is a heart attack likely to happen?

Probably not, if you're healthy. But anything can and does happen.

How can a female with her tubes tied have a baby how does it happen?