How does thermography work?

Answer Thermography, also called thermal imaging, uses detectors sensitive to infrared energy (radiation) to measure temperatures of an object.Object TemperatureAn object emits infrared energy that is di... Read More »

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What is medical thermography?

Medical thermography uses computers and infrared cameras to read heat levels in the body, monitoring physical problems ranging from simple injuries to cancerous tumors.DefinitionMedical Thermal Ima... Read More »

Thermography Certification?

Thermography training courses are designed for professionals and entrepreneurs in the health care field. Certification courses offer competence training in thermographic camera systems, the operati... Read More »

What is thermography printing?

Thermography printing involves adding thermal powder to ink and using heat to cook the ink into the paper. The result is a raised effect.ProcessThe thermography print process applies powder to a pr... Read More »

The Disadvantages of Thermography?

The use of thermography can display images beyond the capabilities of the human eye. Wherever heat radiates, the screening will show it in color or shades of black and white. Firefighters use it to... Read More »