How to Use Peter Answers?

Answer If you love to play tricks on your friends or family members, lead them to a computer and introduce them to Peter. Tell them that Peter is psychic and can answer any question that they already know... Read More »

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What is peter

never heard of it, sorry I don't want to go to the site as I don't know you and it could be a site with a hidden virus in it, everyone on this site should know not to open links to unknown sites wh... Read More »

TH Family: If we make our own website, does than mean we will leave Yahoo Answers?

No.I'm not going there anyway, we met here, the family united here, and we are a family on yahoo! There is no way i'm moving. The haters can never hurt us or tokio hotel, so there's no point in let... Read More »

Ask Peter Questions Website... cant find it!!!?

Does the website PSP Blender work?

On One Hand: It Is A ScamAccording to Joystiq, McAfee's Site Advisor has received numerous complaints, and has listed PSP Blender as a "phishing or other scams" site. The site offers the potential ... Read More »