How does the va fpg test define diabetes?

Answer When laboratory tests detect that a person's body is unable to properly convert glucose into usable energy for the body, a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes is generally made. The fasting plas... Read More »

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How to Test for Diabetes?

Doctors are diagnosing diabetes, a condition in which your blood doesn't properly process insulin, at higher-than-ever rates. People at risk of developing this disease, or those already showing sym... Read More »

What Is the A1c Test for Diabetes?

According to the American Diabetes Association, 7 percent of Americans suffer from diabetes. Keeping blood sugar levels in control is crucial to preventing the possible complications of diabetes.Id... Read More »

How do I test myself for diabetes?

A diabetes self-test is a smart way to avoid heart attack, stroke and blindness--along with a host of dental and circulatory problems. Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce or metaboli... Read More »

How does Diabetes hurt the skin & what are the signs of Diabetes?

A lot of times certain diabetic medicines make your skin more susceptible to burns when being in the sun, and when your diabetic it takes a lot longer for your blood to clot when you get a scratch ... Read More »