How does the tumble dryer dry clothes?

Answer Air is drawn into the machine via a centrifugal air pump (fan). This air is heated by an electrical element. The hot air is ducted into a drum, rotated by the same motor that drives the fan, via be... Read More »

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Which clothes SHOULD NOT be put in the tumble dryer?

i dry everything on the indoor or outdoor line. it saves a lot of money not using a dryer, but also it keeps clothes looking newer longer. jeans come out not as soft until you wear them a bit, but ... Read More »

Are clothes softer when dried in the tumble dryer or on the washing line?

Most clothes are a bit stiff when hung on the line to dry. You can use liquid fabric softener in the wash to reduce the stiffness. No real difference in the feel of the material is noticed with pol... Read More »

Which is better a separate tumble dryer or washer/dryer.?

seperate as you can dry whilst you wash other loads

Does a tumble dryer contain an electromagnet?

Yes. A tumble dryer is driven by an electric motor, which, in turn, is based on the principle of electromagnetism, and contains an electromagnet. The field of the electromagnet is flipped back and ... Read More »