How does the temperature affect plants&animals?

Answer Even when isolated from other atmospheric variables, temperature has profound influence upon the Earth's plant and animal life.DistributionTemperature can be a major limiting factor for species' ge... Read More »

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Does a Hot Temperature Outside Affect Hydraulic Oil?

Unlike motor oil used to lubricate the working parts of a gasoline or diesel motor, which is engineered to maintain nearly the same viscosity over a wide temperature range, the viscosity of hydraul... Read More »

Can the Temperature Affect a Car Battery?

Weather extremes in any direction can wreak havoc with a car’s battery and decrease its life. While most batteries won’t freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, increased exposure to cold and lower te... Read More »

How does temperature affect the viscosity of oil?

Selecting the right oil viscosity can help you get the most out of your motor vehicle. Different environments and driving conditions may require different grades of oil.GradesViscosity refers to co... Read More »

Does Temperature Affect the Growth of Hair?

Temperature can certainly affect your hair's health and appearance, whether it is living in a dry, cold climate or extended use of a hot curling iron. However, there is no clear-cut evidence that t... Read More »