How does the surface area of solute particles affect solubility?

Answer As the surface area of the solute increases, the rate at which the solute dissolves into the solvent also increases. More surface area of solute particles enables the solvent to react quickly with ... Read More »

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How air sacs affect the surface area of a lung?

With air sacs, I assume you mean the alveoli. The alveoli increase the surface area of the lung, which allows for greater volumes of gas exchange.The alveoli resemble tiny clusters of grapes, and ... Read More »

What are some type of small mud looking particles in one spot on your ceiling in an eating area if you recently completed some construction and this is an interior wall?

Answer Just a guess here but if it's anywhere near the stove it's probably grease from hamburgers or bacon. Try washing them off and see if they reappear later. If they are mud tubes, you may have ... Read More »

How to Find the Surface Area of a Box?

Finding the surface area of a box is easy as long as you know the length of the sides. If you are just looking for a quick formula, it is: 2*(x*y + y*z + x*z). If you need some more guidance, pleas... Read More »

What is the surface area of Mars?

The surface area of Mars is 89,500,000 square miles. It is 141,633,260 miles away from the sun. An average day on Mars is 24.19 hours, and one year on Mars is the equivalent of 1.9 Earth years.Sour... Read More »