How does the sun affect the food web?

Answer In many ecosystems, the sun is the source of energy. Primary producers use photosynthesis to synthesize glucose from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. This energy is then transferred to other org... Read More »

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Does the Storage of Food Affect the Nutritive Value?

You can store food by freezing it, keeping it in the refrigerator, or in the pantry at room temperature. According to a Utah State University study, "your food storage is only as good--and as nutri... Read More »

How Does Separation Affect Food Stamps?

Household concept is an important consideration for Food Stamps eligibility. A household is the people living under the same roof that must be included on the case. Spouses cannot be excluded from ... Read More »

How Does Technology Affect Food Distribution?

Technology has enhanced food distribution. More foods can make it to more places now than they once could. Before technology we could only eat what was grown locally, but that is no longer the case... Read More »

Does spicy food really affect breast feeding?

Maybe but it is good to get the baby used to everything.I personally ate everything and people get telling me don't eat this or that and that the baby will get gas or whatever. I did it anyway, he... Read More »