How does the stock market crash affect credit unions?

Answer As non-profit cooperatives, credit unions are owned by their depositor members, not by shareholder investors. They don't operate to create profits, so they can lend money at lower rates and pay hig... Read More »

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How does the stock market affect you personally?

The stock market is a barometer of U.S. economic health. When consumers are spending and unemployment is low, many aspects of life seem easier. It's only when the market collapses that we feel th... Read More »

Does options expiration affect the stock market?

On One Hand: Increase in VolatilityProfessional option traders will often hedge their option positions by buying or selling the stocks of their options. Therefore, when options are about to expire... Read More »

Are money market accounts at credit unions safe?

Money market accounts at credit unions are safe if they meet certain criteria. If the credit union has NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) insurance--the equivalent of FDIC insurance for cr... Read More »

What was the biggest stock market crash in U.S. history?

The largest one-day crash in United States stock market history was Oct. 19, 1987. The market lost 508.32 points, 22.6 percent or around $500 billion on that day.References:Investopedia: Market Cra... Read More »