How does the shutter affect exposure?

Answer The shutter affects exposure by working with the aperature to control the light in an image. Shutter speeds vary for as long as you would like the "film" (CCD sensor) exposed to the light. The long... Read More »

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How do aperture and shutter speed affect exposure?

Aperture is hole that shutter creates to let in light to compose your image. The bigger the aperture, or smaller the f-stop (f/2), lets in more light. The shutter speed is how fast the shutter open... Read More »

Ratio of aperture and shutter speed in exposure?

I use my D200 in Aperture priority mode about 95% of the time and make occasional adjustments to the EV setting to over/ under expose. Nikon has the best metering system of any brand, so you might ... Read More »

Can exposure to shingles affect pregnancy?

On One Hand: Shingles Early in Pregnancy Can Be ProblematicShingles developed within the first two trimesters of pregnancy may cause fetus malformation. However, it is very rare that shingles and ... Read More »

Does shutter speed affect your pictures?

Yes, shutter speed can affect your pictures in many different ways. Your shutter controls the length of time during which light can strike the film or sensor, and altering that period of time will ... Read More »