How does the power mat work?

Answer In the Physics lessons I took at High School, I learned how a Transformer worked. Basically, you have two coils, the Primary Coil and the Secondary Coil. The Primary Coil is connected to the Power ... Read More »

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Does DSL work if the power goes out?

DSL, which is also known as a digital subscriber line, does not work if the power goes out. This is because it has to be connected to an electric outlet to work. However, if you have a backup gener... Read More »

What power amp would work best?

Good choice on speaker brand. I toured the factory when I lived in Mn. Not including an amp budget in your question is unfortunate.

Will the ram out of my G3 Power Mac work in a G4?

The G3 Power Mac and the G4 Power Mac have many hardware differences, including support for different styles of RAM memory. The G3 supports PC66 SDRAM while the G4 supports PC100 SDRAM. The G3 memo... Read More »

How Does Power Steering Work?

Rotary engines are a type of internal combustion engine. Rotary designs were initially found in aircraft and motorcycles in the early 1900s. Today the term rotary engine refers to the engine invent... Read More »