How does the pollen count affect those with asthma&allergies?

Answer According to Australia's My Dr., the pollen count is reported during the pollen season as part of television weather forecasts. The pollen count can be reported at different levels such as low, me... Read More »

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What is the average pollen count for Tennessee?

The National Allergy Bureau (NAB), which operates pollen counting stations across the United States, has just one station in Tennessee, in the state capital Knoxville. Nevertheless, Knoxville regul... Read More »

What time of day is the pollen count highest?

Pollen counts increase in the early- to mid-morning hours and again in the early evening, according to “Men’s Health.” Pollen allergies occur every spring and fall after trees release particl... Read More »

Does type 1 diabetes affect your sperm count?

Yes it does. Although no conclusive study has determined diabetes control levels (good blood sugar control or bad control) effects on sperm count. Logically if your control was near perfect you wou... Read More »

How do testosterone patches affect sperm count?

Testosterone is an essential hormone for the proper regulation of male growth and sex characteristics. Men can become deficient in testosterone, and many seek out testosterone patches to return the... Read More »