How does the ocean becoming warmer affect sea life?

Answer Warmer oceanic water has a number of negative effects on marine mammals and other animals. Increased temperatures will make it impossible for some animals to survive.WarmingGlobal warming is the ma... Read More »

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Why does the moon affect ocean tides?

The moon causes ocean tides with its gravitational pull. It tugs Earth's water towards it, causing the ocean to pull up and bulge. As the moon traverses the sky, the tides shift.High & Low TidesThe... Read More »

How does offshore drilling affect the ocean?

In the United States, there are 5,600 oil and gas rigs in the ocean and distanced from land, or offshore. While the country presses forward with efforts to curb dependence on foreign oil, environme... Read More »

How does ocean water affect plants?

Answer Ocean water contains high quanitites of "salt". This impurity is left behind in the soil when the water is absorbed and can kill many different types of plants. Plam trees are an example o... Read More »

How Do Ocean Currents Affect a Region's Climate?

Oceans play a vital role in determining the earth's climate. Their ability to absorb, transport and release heat is what drives the movement of the atmosphere, producing clouds, wind and rain, says... Read More »