How does the nuva ring work?

Answer The NuvaRing is a hormonal form of birth control requiring a prescription from a health care provider. The NuvaRing may also be prescribed to treat other conditions such as menstrual problems and e... Read More »

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Can nuva ring harm baby if pregnant?

Nuva Ring will not end or harm an existing pregnancy.

How often do you get your period with a nuva ring?

While using the NuvaRing, a woman should get her period once a month. Women who use NuvaRing leave it in for three weeks at a time. They go without it for a week before inserting a new one. During ... Read More »

I am on nuva ring but on antibiotic that makes it less effective i had unprotected sex 3 times on ovulation day i have cramping frequent urination tenderness by armpit at chest nausea too early 3dpo?

What does a ring on the right hand ring finger mean?

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