How does the number of miles driven each year affect premiums?

Answer Answer Well, the more miles your car spends on the road, the more opportunities there are for you to hit someone, for someone to hit you, etc. Therefore, you should expect the *possibility* that y... Read More »

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Does the age or make of a car affect insurance premiums?

The age and make of a vehicle largely determine the value of a car, which has a great effect on insurance premiums. Driver age, gender, geography and driving violations also affect the cost of insu... Read More »

How many miles does the Heart Association recommend to walk each day?

The American Heart Association does not suggest a specific number of miles to walk each day, but does recommend physical activity such as brisk walking for 30 minutes or longer on most or all days.... Read More »

What is the number of credit cards issued each year in the U.S.?

The exact number of credit cards issued each year in the United States is hard to find, but numbers from big issuers can give an idea. In 2008, Chase issued 73.7 million Visa credit cards, Bank of ... Read More »

What Is the Average Number of Days That the South Pole Has No Sunlight Each Year?

The average number of days that the South Pole has no sunlight each year is 180 consecutive days. After six months of absolute daylight in the summer, the sun sets on the South Pole, which is plung... Read More »