How does the mother get beta strep?

Answer Many bacteria live naturally on and in the human body; according to Microbiology and Immunology Online, some women have naturally occurring beta (group B) strep bacteria in their normal vaginal bac... Read More »

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What are the causes of beta strep?

Beta strep (streptococcus), also known as group B strep, is a type of bacteria found living naturally in the bodies of many people. Although it does not always cause disease, it can lead to serious... Read More »

What is beta strep?

Beta strep can result in a potentially serious illness. Pregnant women in particular are vulnerable to beta strep. If it is transmitted to the baby, the baby may become seriously ill. Infant mortal... Read More »

What causes beta strep?

Beta strep, also known as group B strep, is a bacterium found naturally on the bodies of many people. This bacterium can cause problems if it gets past the body's natural defenses.IdentificationBec... Read More »

What is group beta strep?

Group B (beta) strep is a strain of bacteria normally found in the intestines and lower genital tract. This infection can be deadly for newborns, the elderly and adults with weakened immune systems... Read More »