How does the life of a patient who is diagnosed with Hodgkin disease change?

Answer Hodgkin's Lymphoma often has less of a disruption on the lives of those who have it than other types of cancer, but it still has a significant physical, and oftentimes psychological, social, profes... Read More »

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Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma... Now What?

The Medical Management for a Patient Diagnosed With AIDS?

A patient diagnosed with AIDS has a lifelong condition that will go through various phases. Healthcare professionals and patients must take an active role in managing the disease. Although there is... Read More »

Just diagnosed with Lyme Disease! Please Help!?

1st, a rheumatologist often knows more about Lyme because they specialize in joint problems which often occur w/ a Lyme infection.2nd, if you had the bullseye a full MONTH ago, it's unfortunate you... Read More »

Who was the first person to be diagnosed with heart disease?

In 1878, Dr. Adam Hammer was first to correctly diagnose heart disease later confirmed at autopsy. However, medical confidentiality prohibited the release of the patients' name. The earliest case o... Read More »