How does the kindle work?

Answer The Kindle is a portable electronic book, or eReader, manufactured and distributed by Although the Kindle is not the first eReader on the market, it is by far the most successful to dat... Read More »

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Does Kindle for Itouch Work on Regular Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is much more than an e-book reader. It's also a brand name under which Amazon sells and distributes its digital books on a host of different platforms, such as the iPhone and iPod... Read More »

Does Kindle work in Iraq?

As of June 2010, Amazon's Kindle eBook reader can't download books over the Internet in Iraq, since there is no 3G wireless coverage. You can still load books onto your Kindle using the provided US... Read More »

Does google docs work on kindle 3g plus wifi?

It works on Kindle WiFi, but it's nearly unusable. You can check your documents and make small mods, but actually working on them is a real pain.

How to work a Kindle?

Download the e-book to your computer. Connect the Kindle to the computer’s USB port. The Kindle will show up as a new drive on your computer. If you have an SD card in the Kindle it will show up ... Read More »