What exactly is an i-Pod, how does it work and is it easy to use?

Answer An iPod is a range personal music players from Apple, which plays MP3s (ipod Shuffles) and MP3/MP4s (iPod Nanos, Classic's and Touchs).It works by transferring files from a computer to your iPod. M... Read More »

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How exactly does eBay and PayPal work!!?

When someone wins your auction, they'll use PayPal to pay you. The money will go into a PayPal account and then you'll transfer it to your bank account. Since you have a new account, PayPal will ... Read More »

How exactly does Google Voice work?

I tried this and it fits my needs.

What exactly is a weight loss cleanse How does it work And which is the best out there?

Cleansing and flushing your body is much like getting an oil change for your car. After a certain number of miles, or rather months of processed foods, food dyes, chemicals and fats, it's important... Read More »

Can Internet Service Providers see exactly which websites you are accessing?

Yes, but why would they?no, not the regular "customer service rep" but their "tech dept" can (or their security dept)But again, they have no reason to spent their man power on this unless they are ... Read More »