How does the internet get to my comp from the routercould my neighbour be stealing my internet connection ?

Answer If you have wireless Internet yes your neighbor can definitely be using it.

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Can i stop my neighbour using my wireless internet connection?

Yes!If you use a wireless router, you can enable WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or a similar security protocol to prevent others from hijacking your connection. I suggest searching the web for WEP... Read More »

How do you tell if someone is stealing your wireless internet connection?

If you have bad feelings that it's happening, try going onto your routers address which is usually located on the bottom of the router/box/whatever.. There should be some options to change some of ... Read More »

How to Tell if Someone is Using/Stealing your Wireless Internet Connection?

If you are using a wireless router for your internet connection then you can log into it and see if it is giving out any IP address to other computers besides your own. This process will vary depen... Read More »

Do you think its a bit cheeky if the neighbour tries to steal my wireless internet connection?

Further to earlier (mainly correct) answers, depending on your router model and your level of expertise. You can change the name of your SSID to something they aren't aware of and then disable the ... Read More »