How does the ink in a tattoo never come off?

Answer Unlike other marks we make on our skin, tattoos last indefinitely. While tattoo ink affects how the tattoo looks, it is not the determining factor in the permanence of the application.Why Tattoos A... Read More »

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Why does dust never come off of my hand?

It sounds more like very dry skin to me ?Constant washing will dry them out even moreUse Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly on your hands before bedAnd wear gloves at work see is this helps Dust just washes... Read More »

How far does the needle come out of the tattoo gun?

How far the needle comes out of a tattoo machine during the tattoo procedure is different for each tattoo. The tattoo artist determines the distance by factoring in outlining or shading, the pressu... Read More »

How come Victor never joke around Nick & Victoria like he does with Adam?

Each relationship with each of his children is different I noticed that. Adam can be sarcastic and quick on his feet and very direct like his father so I guess Victor can relate on this level with ... Read More »

How many of you have only 1 tattoo, and will never get another one?

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