How does the ignition switch work?

Answer An ignition switch is responsible for supplying power to all the electrical components of the engine. Your ignition switch has from two to four settings, depending on the make and model of vehicle.... Read More »

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How Does an Ignition Key Switch & Solenoid Work?

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What Happens When Your Ignition Switch Goes Bad?

A car relies on several mechanical and electrical devices, including an ignition switch, to start properly. A faulty ignition switch, which can go bad for a number of reasons, can interfere with th... Read More »

How to Take Apart a GM Ignition Switch?

The ignition switch on your GM vehicle is located close to the steering wheel, below the instrument cluster. If you wish to disassemble the ignition switch, you must first remove it from the vehicl... Read More »

DIY Ignition Switch?

The ignition switch, which is located on the steering column or in the dash, lets a driver control the ignition system and activate the starter solenoid with a turn of the key. It also gives contro... Read More »