How does the hummingbird's incredibly high heart rate affect its metabolism?

Answer Many species of hummingbirds live throughout the Americas, from Alaska to the tip of South America. These small birds vary in color, size and shape, but one trait they all share is a rapid heart ra... Read More »

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How to get a high metabolism rate?

You CAN eat anything you want....just not a bunch of it. When supermodels and other people say they can eat whatever, there's more to the picture than what you see. It's all about calories. A super... Read More »

Why is my heart rate so high?

Dehydration, thyroid, stress...don't forget family history. All these are good. Go see a doctor and get him/her to run some blood tests. Check circulation too to see if your heart is working too... Read More »

My heart rate gets too high when I work out?

Just work out a little dont push yourself and instead do 15 min.

What could cause a high heart rate in a 5 year old 120 bpm's?

over 5 million kids have cancer each year and over 100,000 die from it.