How to Fix a PSP Handheld Game System?

Answer The Sony PSP sometimes becomes corrupted when you update the firmware the wrong way or remove the power from the device during an update. This results in a "bricked" device, which means it is unusa... Read More »

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Does spider solitaire come in a handheld game?

Options on the market for a handheld spider solitaire game involve cell phones. Cell phone applications can be downloaded for spider solitaire, turning your smart phone into a handheld game.Source:... Read More »

Do they make Bejeweled as a handheld game?

Bejeweled is available for several portable platforms, including the iPod, Java-based phones, Palm devices and Windows Mobile devices. Additionally, a variation of Bejeweled, called Bejeweled Twist... Read More »

Is there an electronic handheld mahjong game?

As of June 2010, there appears to be no standalone single-player tile-matching or multi-player-competitive handheld electronic mahjong games. However, there are electronic versions of tile-matching... Read More »

Will a handheld TV work?

On One Hand: Recognized LuxuryHandheld television has been a luxury since the late 1970s. Originally designed on analog technology, handheld TVs are traditionally operable with a simple set of batt... Read More »