How does the great blue heron reproduce?

Answer When it is time to mate, male blue herons journey to the breeding grounds where they either claim and reinforce an existing nest or build a new one. Female herons then arrive to choose a mate. The ... Read More »

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What does the Great Blue Heron eat?

Great Blue Herons eat a variety of foods, including fish, frogs, reptiles, small mammals, insects, crustaceans and other birds. Great Blue Herons hunt by sight, locating their prey in shallow water... Read More »

How does the great blue heron defend itself?

The stately appearance of the great blue heron signifies grace, elegance and beauty. When safety is threatened, these birds defend themselves valiantly against predators such as man, raccoons, foxe... Read More »

Where does the Florida great blue heron nest?

The great blue heron, or Ardea herodias, found in Florida is a long-legged wading bird that nests in colonies called a heronry. Great blue herons live in and around both freshwater and saltwater an... Read More »

Habitat of the Great Blue Heron?

Few spoke of the great blue heron with as much adoration as the great avian enthusiast John James Audubon, founder of the National Audubon Society."Their contours and movements are always graceful,... Read More »