How does the florissant certificate of occupancy permit look?

Answer This is a statement not a question. You need to frame a question to have an answer.

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How to Verify a Certificate of Occupancy in New York City?

Municipalities issue certificates of occupancy to ensure that a building is habitable. Certificates describe a building's use and capacity. Many buildings in New York City must have a certificate b... Read More »

Certificate of Occupancy did sundance condominiums receive one in planation fl?

You can obtain a certificate of occupancy -- if there is one -- at your local city hall.

If the name on your social security card is different from your birth certificate will that prevent you or cause any complications in you getting your permit in Texas?

Answer If your talking about the omission of an initial then that shouldnt. If your talking that the name is  completely different then yes there will be a problem. Usually a social security card... Read More »

Greek family reunion residence permit for five years will you retain your permit you f divorce?

No, it is not ethical to record conversations at family events. It could be embarrassing for certain people at the event. It is fine to take appropriate pictures, but unethical to record private co... Read More »