How does the economy affect the photography industry?

Answer As the economy is still slowly decreasing, more and more people will be unable to afford to hire a photographer and then photographers will end up going out of buisness.

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Is swine flu just a big rumor to jumpstart the economy by making people spend money on the health industry?

lolno, dude the swine flu is real it's already killed approx. 145 people in mexico and is spreading across the world as we speak.Besides spending money on the health industry wouldn't be a great bo... Read More »

How can you get into the photography industry?

Can the economy affect the future?

The economy affects the presence and therefore dictates the future, along with an immeasurable amount of factors

How does the iPad 2 affect the economy?

the ipad 2 has a better processor, so it has the capability of better graphics HOWEVER, the retena display (ultra HD Display) is not on the ipad yet, so it is likely that things will LOOK better o... Read More »