How does the economy affect the photography industry?

Answer As the economy is still slowly decreasing, more and more people will be unable to afford to hire a photographer and then photographers will end up going out of buisness.

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How does nasa affect are economy?

No. NASA is not in the planet discovering business. That is done by others. NASA does send up stuff like the Hubble etc. but I think it is JPL that actually runs it. Oh, and there has never been an... Read More »

How does the iPad 2 affect the economy?

the ipad 2 has a better processor, so it has the capability of better graphics HOWEVER, the retena display (ultra HD Display) is not on the ipad yet, so it is likely that things will LOOK better o... Read More »

What is foreign policy and how does it affect our economy?

America's trade was neutral in theory, but not in fact

How does the monetary policy affect the United States economy?

Monetary and fiscal policy affect the U.S. economy. Monetary policy is designed to achieve sustainable economic growth and price stability, while fiscal policy covers how taxes are generated and sp... Read More »