How does the dishwasher work?

Answer Basically, a dishwasher is a robot that cleans and rinses dirty dishes. Humans have to load the dishes, add detergent, set the proper washing cycles and turn it on, but the dishwasher accomplishes ... Read More »

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How does a dishwasher work?

it works by when you turn on the tap then you will have water to wash your dishes then the water will

Does bio kleen dishwasher detergent work?

On One Hand: Biokleen Products Are Safe And EffectiveAs with all Biokleen products, Biokleen dishwashing detergent is made from environmentally-safe, non-hazardous ingredients. The product does not... Read More »

Kitchen faucet doesn't work but dishwasher does?

Possibly unscrew your aerator at the end of the spout and see if the screen is clogged. Blow it out and rehook the aerator up. If that isn't the problem, sometimes things get caught in the spout. U... Read More »

Somebody told me I could put my keyboard in the dishwasher, does that really work?

It depends on which keyboard you have. If you have one of these Seal Shield models then yes, it is dishwasher safe.… Read More »