How does the development of an unborn baby progress?

Answer Forty weeks is the total length of a pregnancy, a relatively short time frame. It is, however, plenty of time to develop a baby.Prenatal developmentThe term "prenatal development" describes the gro... Read More »

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Can a unborn baby get mad?

The nature of the question requires a theoretical answer because no research has been done on foetal emotions. It is common belief however, that the baby in the womb does indeed have normal similar... Read More »

How do you know if your unborn baby is okay?

Arrange a hospital appointment and get checked out.

What to do if you do not what a unborn baby?

If you do not want an unborn baby?First you have to really think about it - are you sure that you definitely do not want it ? Because at the end of the day this is your flesh and blood. Remember ma... Read More »

How do you know who is your unborn baby dad?