How does the development of an unborn baby progress?

Answer Forty weeks is the total length of a pregnancy, a relatively short time frame. It is, however, plenty of time to develop a baby.Prenatal developmentThe term "prenatal development" describes the gro... Read More »

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How does an x-ray damage an unborn baby?

AnswerX-rays are high energy particles that can easily damage the nucleus of a cell. In an adult, there are enough cells that a few damaged ones are not a problem. In a fetus, any cellular damage m... Read More »

Does your unborn baby poop?

no because the digestive system is not yet functional at this stage of the baby's development.

How does the sperm affect an unborn baby?

Answer Not at all. Your doctor may advise you to refrain for a week or so before your due date, but generally, any activity that was common before you became pregnant is perfectly acceptable after... Read More »

If I talk to my unborn baby does he hear me?

Yes. By the time he is born he will already know and recognise your voice. Cool eh?Yes.