How does the computer's clock work when it is off?

Answer In your computer (as well as other gadgets), the battery powers a chip called the Real Time Clock (RTC) chip. The RTC is essentially a quartz watch that runs all the time, whether or not the comput... Read More »

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How does an electric clock work?

Telling time is a simple matter of looking at the nearest clock. But exactly how clocks works, especially electric clocks, can sometimes be a mystery.Wind-up ClocksClocks have been used to keep tim... Read More »

How does a quartz clock work?

Clocks keep time by a pendulum or coiled spring generating movement to power internal gears. Timekeeping errors accrue because these mechanisms are affected by temperature and wear. Quartz eliminat... Read More »

Does Sims 3 work on older computers or does it require and newer computer?

it needs a shader 2.0 graphic card or higher. so you'll probs need a newer comp.

If an employee is injured going to work and not on the clock does workman's comp or liability insurance cover it?

Each state has different laws related to workman's compensation insurance. Generally, your claim would be denied if you are not directly participating in working activities. However, if you can jus... Read More »