How does the color of food effect the way we eat?

Answer The presentation of food, particularly the colors, can have an effect on how much people eat, according to the University of Illinois Extension. More colors can actually stimulate the appetite.Vari... Read More »

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Does heat (sun)has any effect on hair color................?

Yes it does. It has a bleaching effect on hair. I worked at Kroger for quite some time and wore my hair the same way everyday. So while I was pushing carts my hair got lighter on the side I parted ... Read More »

Does low ink effect print color quality?

it will affect it slightlynot much but it is still significantgood luck

Does the color of a laser effect its velocity?

Velocity is the speed and direction of something, and how fast it travels in that direction. According to a Rochester Institute of Technology website, the color of a laser's light does not affect i... Read More »

How does color effect how hot solar ovens can get?

The Chefmate BC-87/H has a capacity of 3.1 or 3.2 cubic feet, depending on who you ask.