How does the chicago elevated train work?

Answer The elevated train in Chicago extends to many of the city's neighborhoods. The train tracks that are not elevated run either underground in a subway or at street level.HistoryThe elevated train sys... Read More »

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What year did the first elevated train operate in Chicago?

The first elevated train line opened for service in Chicago on June 6, 1892. This line, constructed and operated by the Chicago & South Side Rapid Transit Company, used steam locomotives to move pa... Read More »

Chicago Elevated Railway History?

The Chicago Elevated Railway is known as "The L" which is short for "elevated." The system is a rapid transit system similar to the subway in New York or the Underground in London. It serves commut... Read More »

Elevated Lab work in blood?

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What does elevated organic acids and elevated triglycerides result in newborns mean?

Sexual development before the age of eight in girls, and age 10 in boys.