How does the baby's eye color change?

Answer the baby's eye color changes because it's hungry

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How do the babys respiration and circulation change when the baby is born?

It no longer depends on the mother for oxygen...... ~(3*14*09)~ R+J :) :)

Does the flamingo change its color?

Flamingos get their distinctive pink color from the carotenoids in the crustaceans and algae they eat. If these foods were not available to flamingos, their color would indeed change, becoming ligh... Read More »

When does baby eye color change?

Almost all babies are born with blue or grey-ish colored eyes. Eye color will begin to change around 6 months of age and the eyes should have turned to their natural color by the baby's first birth... Read More »

When does a puppy's eye color change?

A puppy's eyes will begin changing from the dark blue puppy color to their adult color at about 6 weeks. This color change does not happen all at once, but rather is a gradual shifting; the eye col... Read More »