How does the baby kangaroo get in its mom's pouch?

Answer Baby kangaroos spend a great deal of their early development in their mother's pouch instead of the majority of their time in the womb. Since they are so small, however, some people wonder how a jo... Read More »

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How old is a baby kangaroo when it leaves its mother's pouch for good?

The typical age for a baby kangaroo, a joey, to leave its mother's pouch is nine months. At this age, the joey will exit the pouch for the first time, but return until it is fully prepared to survi... Read More »

What is another name for a kangaroo pouch?

Female kangaroos carry their babies inside a special fold of skin, or pouch, called a marsupium. A marsupium houses a developing kangaroo fetus until the baby can move independently and begin to ca... Read More »

What is the pouch of the kangaroo called?

A kangaroo's pouch is called a marsupium. That is where the joey, the underdeveloped young of the kangaroo, lives. The joey is able to attach to a nipple inside the marsupium and nurse. While the j... Read More »

With plastic surgery, could I have a kangaroo-type pouch?

I'm sure you could. People get all sorts of weird shlt added to their bodies. I ran into a guy the other day that had ginormous horns implanted into his head. It was kind of cool. Plastic surgeons ... Read More »