How does the aperture setting affect photographs?

Answer aperture is equivalent to the iris in your eye. It can contract or expand depending on how you set it.The iris in your eye will contract so the pupil will reduce in size when you're in a bright spa... Read More »

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What is the best setting for the canon SX30 and I need to know the specific settings like do I put it on P or M and then what aperture or shutter speed is best?

It all depends on the light levels as it will constantly change, it's all physics

How does aperture affect the quality of a picture?

Through exposure. If your outside shooting on hot sunny day your picture might be over-exposed if you shoot an image with an f-stop/aperture of a about f/2-f/4. You can change your f-stop to about ... Read More »

How does aperture affect depth-of-field?

Answer The smaller the aperture, the wider the depth of field.  Additional Answer Depth of field is also affected by the focal length of the lens. For any given aperture, longer focal lengths (tel... Read More »

How do aperture and shutter speed affect exposure?

Aperture is hole that shutter creates to let in light to compose your image. The bigger the aperture, or smaller the f-stop (f/2), lets in more light. The shutter speed is how fast the shutter open... Read More »