How does the amount of hertz make a difference on an LCD tv?

Answer The higher the better if for use in USA.

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What difference does the amount of megapixels a camera has make as you go from the lowest to the highest?

Answer the larger the pixels the more compact the picture is so you dont see the little dots because there are more squares in the picture. so the higher the pixels the better the picture becomes.... Read More »

How much difference does an additional allowance make on the federal withholding amount?

Additional allowances can change the amount of federal withholding. Each allowance exempts $3,650 of additional income, but the resulting withholding depends on the marital status, number of jobs a... Read More »

Can you use 220 volts 60 hertz South Korean home appliances vacuum cleaner iron fans etc in Europe or in Bangladesh at 220 volts 50 hertz?

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With this amount of RAM in my pc, would I see a big difference in gaming and overall my computer?

In terms of gaming, most games today rely pretty heavily upon the GPU, the best bet would be to get a good video card with as much RAM on the card as possible. Upgrading would be helpful, but only... Read More »