How does the airline industry define a stopover?

Answer A stopover is an agreement between the passenger and the airline, made in advance, to interrupt a scheduled flight. It differs from a layover, because the airline includes a layover as part of thei... Read More »

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What does the term gate mean to the airline industry?

In the airline industry, a gate is an area in an airport terminal building where passengers board or disembark an airplane. A gate usually has a waiting area with chairs for the passengers and an e... Read More »

Who are airline industry stakeholders?

Airline industry stakeholders refer to parties that have an interest, or stake, in the success or failure of the industry. This can include employees, shareholders, customers, creditors and supplie... Read More »

Is the airline industry rival or excludable?

In economic theory, the airline industry is considered both a rival and excludable good. For a good to be excludable, consumers must be able to be excluded from using the good. For a good to be riv... Read More »

Why are promotions so prevalent in the airline industry?

Every time we turn around it seems we're able to find an advertisement for an airline ticket sale. Airlines utilize sales to accomplish many different quotas and fulfill different aspects of their ... Read More »